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Master's in Adult Education

Our Master of Science in Education with a focus in Adult Education is a 30-credit master’s designed for educators and professionals who teach or train adults. The Adult Education focus area is ideal for instructional coaches, trainers, adult education teachers, or anyone with the goal of transferring knowledge to an adult audience. UNE Online also offers a Post-master’s Certificate that provide a 12-credit option for students wishing to focus in this area of study following completion of a master’s degree.

Adult Education Elective Courses

  • EDU 759: Preparing Students for College, Careers & Citizenship (Credits: 3)
  • EDU 760: Adult Learning Theory (Credits: 3)
  • EDU 761: Adult Literacy (Credits: 3)
  • EDU 762: Designing Curriculum for Adults (Credits: 3)

Admissions Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 2-5 years of professional experience preferred

There is no workplace or classroom requirement for this course, but students will be required to demonstrate a related example of the theory in practice from their working environment or relay how they would incorporate the theory into their practice.

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Education Professionals

Whether you are a K-12 Educator, Community Educator or Adult Educator, this course will provide you with the training required to educate other adults; both colleagues and students. 

HR Professionals

Training, professional development and instructional support are all part of the role as a Human Resources professional. Arm yourself with the tools necessary to excel at this piece of your profession and take your career to the next level. 

Health Professionals

Whether you’re tasked with training programs for other healthcare professionals or educating adult patients, this course will provide the understanding required to successfully train and educate adults. 


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